Vulnerable Women Outreach

Vulnerable Women Outreach

“I challenge you to abandon the quick money of prostitution,” Marion said, addressing the women from the streets. “Christ can give you everything you need.” The Nakulabye area of Kampala is estimated to have at least 500 working prostitutes, some are as young as 14...
The Importance of Prayer in Mission: Kampala

The Importance of Prayer in Mission: Kampala

“Any success, any resources we have here are all because of the faithful from around the world praying for us. We can’t ever take that for granted,” City outreach and stratified evangelism began this morning with our team being invited to speak to the police officers...
Kampala: A Local Church

Kampala: A Local Church

“AE has played a pivotal role in uniting churches in Kampala. No one church can reach this big region alone and AE has given us the unique opportunity to do it together,” he said. “In fact, this is the first time that all of the churches are coming together in the...
Salvation in the slums of Kampala

Salvation in the slums of Kampala

“Even though our supporters may be on the other side of the world, they are with us in spirit right now, sharing your pain and hoping to make a difference for you in the name of Jesus” Hundreds of mission volunteers arrived at the Buskenyi Slum in western Kampala to...

Sunday 23rd September

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